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ERP iDempiere

Modern, Scalable, Adaptable & Affordable Open Source ERP Solution for all Industry Sectors.

What is iDempiere ERP?

  • Open source ERP and CRM business solutions.
  • Ranked #1 on sourceforge.net and won multipleawards.
  • Deployment:
  • – Browser / Server
  • – Desktop Client / Server
  • Model Driven Architecture
  • A robust platform


Full Functional ERP Lower Total Cost of Ownership Higher Successful Rate Implementation iDempiere hasFull of Freedom
iDempiere is Full function ERP. iDempiere is very flexible and scalable. It will fit your needs as your growth without adding extra modules or replacing with other one. No license, no module fee, no use fee. All you need to Invest is consultant fee, including implementation, cotimizationand training. No any other cost, which usually cost server thousand dollars per user for commercial license ERP. iDempiere designed an internal application dictionary. end User can use it to customize menu, window and tab. With ad 80% of customization work can be done without coding. Its super flexibility really makes it possible to satisfy any business changes. Since iDempiere is open source and using the mainstream J2EE technology. You can either change it by yourself or easily find technical guys from market to do it. You have full freedom after implementation iDempiere.

iDempiere Features

Organization Structure Holding-Business Unit Model


  • Multi level Organization
  • Consolidate-able
  • Standardize-able
  • Centrally managed under single server
  • 9 element account available for reporting purpose
  • Intercompany transaction traceability

Flexibility User Interface

Flexibility is the key in current age, no big server, expensive corporate WAN or even personal computer to operate.
iDempiere provide rich interface in both client server desktop application and we-interface as well and even mobile interface recently.

Integration to Jasper Report

A Robust Platform

  • Active Data Dictionary – Reduce coding work by 80% in ERP customization
  • Define Display – Windows, Tabs, Field / Report
  • Define Data Entity – Type, Validation
  • Define security and Access rules

Open and Extensible Architecture

iDempiere’s Fresh Approach

Adapts to the way YOU do business

  • Setup and re-configure the system without programming
  • Quickly adapt to business change -change anything, anytime

Available at fraction of the cost of any competing solution

  • Leverage the disruptive economics of open source
  • No up-front software license fees

Backed by the reliability of a commercial corporation

  • Experienced leadership
  • Consistent processes for product innovation, quality and support
  • Resources for flexible licensing, sponsored development and more

iDempiere’i Modules & Functionalities

Sales & Distribution Procurement Inventory
  • Customer Management
  • Marketing & Campaign
  • Pricing & Discount
  • Sales Order Management
  • Shipping & Transportation
  • Commission & Incentive
  • Return Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Auction / RfQ
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Receive & Quality Check
  • Landed Cost
  • Return Management
  • Product Management
  • Multi-Warehouse & Location
  • Batch Management
  • Serial Number & Attribute
  • Inventory Receipt to Stock
  • Inventory Issue from Stock
  • Inventory Movement
  • Distribution Order
  • Inventory Adjestment
Manufacturing Human Resources Project Management
  • Bill of Material
  • Resource & Rate
  • Production Routing
  • Quality Parameters
  • Forecasting
  • MRP Engine
  • Production Plan & Order
  • Production Execution
  • Quality Inspection
  • Maintenance Activity
  • Recruitment
  • Personal Administration
  • Management Organization
  • Payroll
  • Attendance & Leave
  • Personal Development
  • Travel Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Training
  • Project Type
  • Project & Stages
  • Project Costing
  • Asset Project (AUC)
  • Cycle Report
  • Financial Status
Security & Control Application Finance & Accounting
  • Multi Client & Organization
    with consolidation and
    standardization capability.
  • Access Role by Form
    and Organization Data.
  • iDempiere ERP
  • Poza mobile apps
    – Order taking
    – Stock Count
    – Workflow Approval
  • General Ledger
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Receipt & Allocation
  • Payment Processing
  • Cash / Bank Statement
  • Financial Report
  • Product Costing
  • Cost & Profit Center
  • Tax Management
  • Fixed Asset
  • Budget & Period Control
  • Sub-Ledger Report

iDempiere Configuration and Extendability

Configure Business Rules

  • Application Setups
  • Workflow & Security
  • Accounting Dimensions
  • Change setups at any time

Configure User Interface

  • Field, windows, labels
  • Layout, theme, language
  • Search fields

Configure Reports

  • Dynamically create reports
  • Format reports w/Adempiereor 3rd
  • Party report designer

Extend AdempiereApplications

  • Add new fields (DB columns)
  • Add new entities (DB tables)
  • Add data validation & defaults
  • Add new workflows
  • Change security rules
  • Add performance measures
  • Link to external systems
  • Callout to java processes & integrate results back into UI
    … without programming


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