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Võrgulahendus ja täislahendus integratsioon

Network Solutions

Võrgu lahendus ja tehnoloogia

Our team of experts provide you solution for your unique needs and challenges. Whether you are looking to build, upgrade or optimize your network, our solution architects are committed to achieving your objectives with best-in-class solutions that maximize your network investment.

End to end Network integration

We can help you deliver innovative services faster and more efficiently with end-to-end-integration for unparalleled network performance. Once equipment installation is completed, we provide on-site service to configuring, testing and network connectivity of data networking equipment. Our extensive industry and product knowledge allows us to customize the Turn up & Test services to match your specific requirements, whether you need to completely outsource your network migration or just require onsite resource to assist you with the process.

Network Security

Our team Identity Network Access Control services provide network-wide creation, distribution, and monitoring of security policies based on contextual knowledge. These include user authentication, device profiling, policy enforcement, posture assessment, and remediation. Universal access user clients facilitate network access, user authentication, remote VPN access and content filtering enforcement.

Network Support

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Router and Switch Configuration Management
  • Software Patch Management
  • Service Provider Management and Ticket Archival
  • Routing and Switching Protocol Management
  • Quality of Service Monitoring/Management
  • WAN/LAN monitoring with SNMP, ICMP and Syslog
  • Router and Switch Crash Diagnosis
  • Configuration and Testing of Out-of-Band (OOB) Console Access

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